a remarkable and valued variety of chrysoberyl

 Because of its great power of absorption of certain colors, alexandrite looks green in daylight and reddish purple in artificial light.
Alexandrite is named after Czar Alexander's II. Birthstone: Alexandrite along with pearls and moonstone are birthstones of Gemini (Twins): May 21 - June 21.
Alexandrite was discovered in 1831 in the Ural Mountains (Russia) on the Czar Alexander II birthday.

Healing Ability
Alexandrite helps fighting low self-esteem. Improves central nervous system disorders. Alexandrite relieves spleen & pancreas problems.
Mystical Power
Alexandrite is a stone of good omen.
Alexandrite can assist one in centering the self, reinforcing self-esteem, and increases ones ability to experience joy.
Under the influence of the planet Mercury Alexandrite is a powerful healing stone for the body and the mind.
Balances the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of your life and helps you become centred and calm.
Especially useful when healing disorders of the brain or central nervous system. Mentally it can help overcome lack of confidence, low self-esteem and a lack of direction or focus in life.

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