Amazonite       Green                           (A variety of  Feldspar)

Potassium and Aluminium Silicate

Chakras 3 - 4 - 5               Yin         

Venus - Aquarius Libra Virgo

                                                                                      Hope - Enthusiasm

Stone of hope.  Reputed to come from the "kingdom of the amazons".  For those who are too yang.  Gives calm, peace, self control, self confidence, courage, perserverence, creativity, enthusiasm, sincerity, a sense of security and equilibrium, increases the memory.  To eliminate senses of guilt [helps to get rid of the feeling of being a victim], fears, blocks in the subconscious, incontinence, and to be able to express completely ones feelings.  Dissolves blocks in our rapour with others.  Contains potassium, which increases physical resistance. Painkiller.  realigns the physical body with Subtle bodies. Re-establishes the contact with the earth energy and helps to assimilate enough iron.  Used on terminally ill patients - simply kept in the room to ease their passing away.  Develops the maternal instinct, very good for women or homosexuals who have difficulties in accepting their femininity.

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