Amber          Yellow, golden, Brownish

A complex mixture of petrified resins and succinic acid


Chakras  3 - 5 (2 only in women)    Yin but with some androgonous elements 

The Sun - Aquarius Cancer Leo Taurus

                                                                                           Positive - Harmony

Dissolves negativity and depression. Disintoxicant and painkiller.  Helps us to find a greater peace and harmony, transforms negative energies into positive an develops altruism.  Symbol of personal power, health, virtue, happiness and joy of living.  Increases the maternal instinct.  Purifies the living and working spaces and protects from radiations.  In contact with the skin it's electromagnetic properties create a field that tends to heal the area around.                                                               In many myths it is associated with the Sun and with immortality.  In the Celtic culture a Solar symbol (the sun being female for the Celts) and representing spiritual union and harmony

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