Amethyst         Lavender  Violet  Purple

Silicon Dioxide

Amethyst Crystal

chakras  6 - 7         neutral  neither yin nor yang

Jupiter  Mars  -  Aquarius Aries Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio

                                                                                Detachment - Protection

Called once the "Healer's Stone".  The name derives from the greek "methustos", which means drunk.  In Greek, an A before a word forms it's negation, therefore Amethyst means not drunk, or symbollically detachment, the power to take a step back and look at our impulses and emotions without letting ourselves be immediately carried away by them.

Opens us to the higher worlds and the Divine Consciousness, increases our capacity to love, artistic creativeness, spirituality, intuition, sincerity, courage, willpower, discipline, coordination and concentration.  Helps to free us from past Karmas, intolerence, anxieties, fears, compulsive hyperactivity, materialistic tendencies and mental or psychic disorders.  Quietens our thoughts and too intense feelings.  Balances the hemispheres of our brain, the subtle bodies and the yin yang relationship.

One of the stones of the heavenly jerusalem and of the pectoral of Aaron. Stimulates the pancreas and the pituitary.  Strengthens the nervous and immune systems, and the brain.  Disintoxicant.



Ametrine               Violet - Golden

Mixture of Amethyst and Citrine


Chakras  3 - 7         neutral

Leo Pisces

                                                                                   Detachment - Flexibility

Besides the properties of both Amethyst and  Citrine, dissolves blocks in the solar plexus and on the emotional level helps to have more flexibility, stimulates the intellect.

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