Aquamarine       Blue, some varieties green - Yellow 

Beryl and Aluminium silicate

Chakra   5                   Yin

Mercury Moon Neptune Uranus Venus - Aquarius Gemini Libra Pisces Taurus

                                                                                 Purification - Expression

The stone of mystics.  Etymologically derives from the Italian "aqua" water and "mare" the sea.  It is so called because when immersed in the sea it becomes invisible like a soul that has merged and annulled itself in God.  Increases courage, spirituality, compassion, spontaneity and our inner depths.  For meditation and to have more stability in the emotions and in the mind.  Helps to express our repressed emotions, to distinguish the true from the false and whether other people are sincere or not.  gives peace, harmony, mental clarity, intuition, vision and inner strength.  Purifying, works as a filter against the impurities that we tend to accumulate.  Antistress, calms the nerves, dissolves anxieties, fear, aggressiveness and negativity in general.  strengthens the meridian of the kidneys.  Helps to enter in contact with the blue ray from the planet Venus. 

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