Aventurine         mostly Green,  some varieties various colours

silicon Dioxide

Chakra  4             neutral but almost Yin

Neptune - Aries Cancer Capricorn Libra Pisces

                                                                                          Equilibrium - Peace

The "stone of heaven"  Etymologically derives from the Italian "avventura" adventure, being anciently reputed to incline the wearer to be more adventurous.  For general healing.  Calms the heart and the nerves, dissolves anxiety, emotional blocks and repressed emotions, gives universal love, independence, harmony, calm, joy, nobility of heart, faithfulness, playfulness, originality and a positive attitude towards  life.  Purifies the emotional, mental, etheric and astral body.  Balances the energies Yin and Yang, the mental and astral body, the emotions and the mind.

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