Azurite (also called Cessylite)   light to dark blue

Copper Hydroxyl Carbonate

Chakra  5 - 6                    Yin

Jupiter Saturn - Pisces sagitarius Virgo

                                                                                                Wisdom - Peace

Centering.  Stone of wisdom and of spirituality, helps our personal evolution and spiritual growth.  Very relaxing, gives calm, peace, serenity, sensitivity, intuition, mental clarity, inner vision, favors artistic creativity, communication and our transformation.  Helps to dissolve depression, negativity and every inner obstacle.  Energised the nervous system.  Harmonizes the physical level with the spiritual and increases our psycic abilities.  Re-establishes our contact with the Earth energy, harmonizes the meridian Spleen/Pancreas and strengthens the meridian of the stomach.  Favours the assimilation of enough Magnesium.  Sacred stone for the Indians of America.  The Egyptian priests used this stone to enter in communication with their divinities.

Azurite with Malachite          Blue - Green

Chakra  4 - 5 - 6                             Yin



Besides the properties of both stones, excellent to dissolve excessive egoism, anxiety and arrogance.


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