Bloodstone      Green Chalcedony with red spots                               Silicon Dioxide

Chakra  1 - 4          neutral neither yin nor yang 

Mars - Aries Piscese Scorpio

Vibrates to the numbers  4 and 6

                                                                                                       Equilibrium  Also called Heliotrope (from the Greek meaning "turning to the sun").  There is a legend that says the bloodstone was formed from the blood of Christ dripping on the green earth and solidifying.  Antistress, for healing the physical body. Very good for meditation, balances the mind and gradually brings the contents of our subconscious to the conscience.  confers altruism and idealism and develops the openness to be guided inwardly.  Stimulates courage.  Strengthens the heart, the haemoglobin and the marrow of the bones.  Disintoxicant, revitalizes the cerebral tissue, reinforces and oxegenates the blood. 

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