Carnelian     orange to brown                                                                    Silicon dioxide

chakra  2 - 6               neutral neither yin nor yang

Mars Mercury Pluto Saturn - Aquarius Aries Cancer Gemini Leo taurus Virgo

vibrates to the numbers  5 and 6

                                                                                             Energy - Positivity Gives force, willpower and a lot of courage, develops the power of concentration, inspiration, renewal and the powers of the mind.  Opens the heart and increases optimism, spontaneity, initiative, passion and sensuality.  Dissolves emotional blocks and reduces haughtiness.  Harmonizes the elements of water and fire.  Excellent for those who suffer of anguish, indolence, excessive passivity, incapacity to accept love, emotional blocks, envy and fear.  Helps to have more harmony with oneself and with others.  tends to unblock the sixth chakra.                                                           Stone of Nostradamus and sacred in ancient Egypt, where it was associated with the goddess Isis, symbolized the inner heart and was believed to have power to calm the passions, especially anger.  Increases the haemoglobin count in the blood and facilitates the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients.  Accelerates the healing of wounds and regenerates the tissue. Increases the sense of touch.

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