Chrysocolla             Blue - Green                                                            Hydrous Copper Hydroxyl Silicate

Chakra  4 - 5                   yin

Jupiter Uranus Venus - Aquarius Aries Leo Libra Sagitarius Taurus

vibrates to the number 5

                                                                                       Creativity - Centering Stone of artists and singers. to connect our feelings with the conscious mind, understanding and expression.  reestablishes the equilibrium between our emotions and the deeper feelings of our heart.  Gives a sense of inner certitude, peace, harmony, calm, equilibrium, patience, joy, compassion and sincerity.  Stimulates love for nature, attenuates senses of guilt, anguish, unnecessary doubts, particularly spiritual doubts, anxieties and fears.  Reduces agitation and tension, disolves nervous depression and intolerence.  Increases the feminine qualities and energies, creative expression, communication and inner strength.  many musicians and singers use it as a charm.  excellent for men with too much yang who have difficulty in accepting their yin aspect.  Antistress and against depression.  Harmonizes the fourth chakra, the mind and the solar plexus,  realigns the subtle bodies.  Favours the study and practice of Astrology,  Regulates the thyroid and helps the assimilation of enough iron, iodine, and magnesium in the system.  still used by various tribes of American Indians to calm anger and a general tonic for the organism.  anciently reputed to attract gold to whoever wears it.

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