Chrysoprase         Green                                                                           Dioxide of silicon

Chakra  4       yin

Mercury Venus Sun - Gemini Libra Taurus Scorpio

vibrates to the number 3

                                                                                                               Peace   Tranquilizing, balances the physical, mental and emotional bodies, helps against chronic neurotic behaviours, complexes of inferiority or superiority and minor cases of hysteria. Increases mental clarity and sensitivity, reduces excessive greed, egoism and the fear of the unknown.  Helps to enter in communication with the higher self, and to clarify personal problemds.  Balances the yin yang relationship.  Relaxes the pituitary, the hypothalmus and the thymus.                                                                            In the Alchemic tradition represents Nature and is a symbo; of the regeneration of the soul.  Anciently used to develop inner vision and to strengthen the sight, also associated with venus, reputed to manifest potential talents, to dissolve anger and avarice.  Brings about "the divine love for truth".

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