Flourite         various colours                                                                     Calcium Flouride

chakras  6 - 7                 Yin or yang according to the colour

Neptune - Aquarius Capricorn Pisces

vibrates to the number 7

                                                                                          Equilibrium - Order   Derives from the Latin "fluere", flowing, because it melts easily.  Brings order and constancy in whatever level or aspect of ourselves needs it, and helps us to efectuate the necessary changes.  to go beyond the mind, against stress and mental troubles, anxiety, fixations and phobias.  To clarify our aura and the mind and the intellect.  Sharpens the intellect, memory, concentration, creativity and intuition.  Helps us to understand the highest and most complex concepts and to remember our dreams.  Discharges excess energies in the emotional fields.  Stabilizing, purifies the body and gives a sense of comfort.  Balances the right and left hemispheresof the brain and the nervous system, which also tranquilizes.  Reduces the negative effects of too much electricity.

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