The Healing Path of Crystals Minerals and Gemstones

The various elements of each person ( their levels of energy, the state of their physical and subtle bodies, the degree of their spiritual evolutionand inner growth, their astrological sign, ascendant and positions of the planets in their natal chart, present transits, the environment in which they live and the influence of the people they are in contact with , their yin-yang equilibrium, the condition of their chakras, their diet and a number of other minor but still relevant factors)  all determine the stones which will best suit a person at any given time.  The following pages contain a brief description of various elements of the stones obtained from various sources and as research is still going on all over the world and new properties are discovered all the time, if you have a strong feeling for a variety of stone, I would recomend that you just follow your intuition and wear it.

A certain number of stones have been classified as "Grounding" and others "Centering".                                                                                                            Grounding stones reconnect us with our Mother earth, with our origin and base.  They are particularly useful for those who tend to live too much in their intellect or in a personal fantasy world, and for those too deeply immersed in old, traditional spiritual paths.                                                                                                       Centering stones, as the name implies, help us to return to the center of ourselves, to draw back all the thread of our consciosness and awareness, attention and energy that we have used on the external surface of our mind and of the world.  They are very good for those who have lived only on the surface of themselves, in shallow thoughts, actions and feelings and are beginning to emerge from a period of materialism.

"the Holy Spirit" (Divine Energy) is the only healer                                                He makes healing perfectly clear in any situation in which he is the guide.               A person can only let him fullfill his function                                                     He will tell you exactly what to do to help anyone he sends to you for help  and will speak to him through you,                                                                             "IF YOU DO NOT INTERFERE"

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