Hematite       Grey to Dark Steel                                                               Iron Oxide

Chakras  1 - 2                             yang

Mars - Aquarius Leo Scorpio Aries

vibrates to the number 9

                                                                                                               Energy Derives from the Greek "haimatitites"  bloodlike, as the powdered mineral has a red hue, or from haema  blood and ehites to maintain.  Extremely grounding.  Strengthens the heart, the will, patience, the mind, our rationality and the faculties of concentration.  Increases our clarity right commitments and resistence to stress.  against both illusions and hyperactivity.  Tends to dissolve karmic blocks and energises the etheric body.  Increases personal magnetism and vitality.  stimulates the first chakra and protects the Astral body, especially during sleep.                                                                          Anciently used in Egypt and Babylonia against haemorrhages and inflamations and to calm hysteria and anxiety.  The head of the mummies of some pharaohs was set upon a headrest of Hematite.  In ancient Roman Culture, sacred to the god Mars.  However, the fact that in more modern times the German Nazis took it as their symbol of "Blood and iron"  suggests that in the wrong hands, this stone can have negative aspects.                       A tonic for the whole organism.  Favors the assimilation of enough iron in the system and a faster healing of scars.  together with Rose Quartz against insomnia.  Helps purification of the whole organism.

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