Kyanite  Mostly Blue  some varieties Greenish                                            Aluminium silicate, sometimes with iron

Chakra  5 - 6          neutral neither yin nor yang

Libra Taurus Aries

vibrates to the number 4

                                                                            Creativity - Communication This is one of the two minerals which never needs clearing.  It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations.  The energy of kyanite is unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones.  Aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscience direction.  Strengthens the chakra of the throat and increases our creative expression, communication, sincerity and loyalty.  Develops the contact with our subconscious and psychic abilities.  Increases the ability to establish mental silence.  Develops our contact with our Higher Self and intuition.  For meditation.  Gives a great calm and harmony and purifies our subtle energies.  Facilitates the connection with the causal plane, astral and inter-dimensional travelling.  To remember our dreams.

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