Lapis Lazuli (also called Lazulite)     Blue                                                    Sodium Calcium Aluminium Sulfate Silicate, with traces of Hauynite, Sodalite, Pyrite and other minerals.

Chakra 5 - 6              neutral neither yin nor yang

Venus Sun Uranus - Gemini Leo Pisces sagitarius scorpio Taurus Virgo

vibrates to the number 3

                                                                      Communication - Expression        A stone said to have existed since before "time was born".  Lapis Lazuli is a "stone of total awareness", helping to expand awareness and intellectual capacity, and allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature.  It enables one to obtain releif from that which has been pressed into the shallow recesses of the mind, providing objectivity, clarity and mental endurance during release of emotional bondage.  It helps for diminishment of the internal smouldering fire which leads to disease.  Stimulates expression, creativity, intuition, the intellect and our spiritual growth. Equilibrates the nervous system.  Has been used with success  in cases of autistic children.  Can bring whoever is very sensitive to its vibrations to a state of euphoria.  stimulates the sixth chakra and strengthens the aura.  The small bits of Pyrite often embedded in it, which look like gold, symbolizes the wisdom acquired in ones  life.                                                                                                                                 In the Hebraic tradition, Moses inscribed the Ten Commandments on tablets made from Lapis Lazuli.   Legend reports that King Solomon (the greatest stone wearer of all) was assisted by an angel of the Lord who gave him a special ring which allowed him to control legions of demons which he used to build the temple.  The occult tradition maintained   that the celestial sky was (symbolically) made of Lapis Lazuli, and was reputed to help the passage to the other world. 

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