Malachite       Green                                                                                   Copper Hydroxyl Carbonate

Chakras  3 - 4 and the small chakras of the hands

Venus - aquarius Capricorn Scorpio Taurus

vibrates to the number 9

                                                                                                                  Love  Malachite is a "stone of transformation", assisting one in changing situations, and providing for the transfer of information leading to spiritual evolution.  It is an excellent stone for clarifying the emotions and for allowing for both the recognition and the release of negative experiences which one cannot recall. It stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning, allowing for the change which facilitates advancement.  Strengthens the nervous system and reduces egoism, helps us to make appropriate decissions.  for those with excessive spiritual pride.  Facilitates making changes and our ultimate transformation.  Protects against radiations.                      This stone through the centuries has always been associated to female goddesses:  Aphrodite in Greece, Freya in Europe, "The Lady of the Mountain" in the Urals, hathor in egypt, Venus and Juno in ancient Rome.  In various cultures used by women during their childbearing period and still known today as "the midwives stone".  Used in ancient times in amulets of protection for children.

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