Moonstone   various colours                                                                        Potassium and Aluminium Silicate

Chakra  2 - 4            neutral neither yin nor yang

Moon - Cancer Libra Gemini Scorpio

vibrates to the number 4

                                                                                              Calm - Expression The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It is capable of helping one with the changing structures of ones life on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  the energy relates to "new beginnings", allowing one to realize that these "new beginnings" are, in actuality,  the fruition of each "end".  The energy of moonstone provides the body with a sustaining force.  It can stimulate the properties of rejuvenation. Stabilizes the hormones.                                                  In Islam, reputed to confer female fertility.  In greece sacred to the goddess Aphrodite.  In the Tarot associated with the Papess. ` 

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