Obsidian    black                                                                                           Mainly Dioxide of Silicon, glassy rock formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma.

Chakra  1              yang

Pluto - Aquarius Sagitarius Scorpio

vibrates to the number 5

                                                                           Purification - transformation   Grounding.  Stone of the warrior, used 7000 years ago to make knives and arrow points.  to open the 1st chakra.  Eliminates negativity and senses of frustration, especially together with clear quartz or rock crystal.  Improves both the physical sight and inner vision.  Opens a door towards our depths and grants us an understanding of the silence and of the "void". Reveals the dark sides in our unconscious and helps us to transform them. Helps to face changes with more flexibility.  Makes our dreams more intense.  favours the renewal of cells.                                                                      A scarab carved from a piece of Obsidian is one of the most ancient talismans ever found.  In some South American cultures called "The Stone of the Gods".  Amongst the Aztecs was associated with the night and the element fire, a divine stone and used to heal wounds.  Amongst the Maya made into mirrors for divinitory purposes.

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