Pearl   White pink Black  blue/grey                                                               Calcium Carbonate with organic substances and water

Chakra  2 - 3      yin apart from black pearl which is yang

Moon Neptune Pluto - cancer gemini Pisces scorpio Taurus

                                                                                                        purification Centering.  The stone of sincerity. Archetype of purity, of sublimation, symbolizing heaven and genius in obscurity.  Eliminates negativity and reduces egoism.  Increases the sense of responsibility and faith.  confers equilibrium, integrity, sincerity, trust, sensibility and emotional stability.  to learn to accept love in any form which is given us.  Particularly useful to whoever finds themselves in conflict with their own mother or maternal archetype.  Apparently used in Lemur to help animal souls to make the transition to the human level.  In the Gospels symbol of knowledge and the gemstone for which we must abandon every other possession. 


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