Peridot  (also called Olivine or Chrisolite)    Green                                       Magnesium and Iron Silicate

Chakra  3 - 4                    neutral

Jupiter Mars Venus - Cancer gemini Leo Taurus Sagitarius

                                                                                     Purification - evolution  Stone of general healing.  Symbol of the Ascension.  Accelerates personal growth opening new doors of opportunity.  balances the working together of the glands, calms and purifies the physical organism.  Increases our intuition, faith and inner felicity.  Dissolves unconscious fears, suicidal tendencies, anger, pessimism, nightmares, conscience and unconscious fears.  The only known precious stone that has been found in a meteorite,  landed in siberia.  Helps healers not to be drained of their energy while working with problematic patients.   

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