Quartz         Clear                                                                                           silicon Dioxide

Chakras  all but particularly 6 - 7   neutral neither yin nor yang

Uranus - aquarius gemini Leo

                                                                                     Liberation - Inwardness Frees jammed energies.  Quartz is the most stable element on the planet, with a structure very similar to that of our own DNA.  Whoever uses its power for very selfish purposes and above all to hurt others opens himself to a boomerang effect, his negative energies will return to him,  often with destructive results. 

Quartz is said to bring the "energy of the stars" into the soul.  Traditionally, the natural quartz crystal was said to both harmonize and align human energies - thoughts, consciousness, emotions - with the energies of the universe and to make these greater energies available to humanity.  The natural tendencies of quartz is for harmony, and it is a "stone of power".  The Quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimension of the nind.

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