Smokey Quartz        brown to light grey sometimes almost black          Dioxide of Silicon

Chakra  all but particularly  1 - 3   neutral neither yin nor yang

Pluto - Capricorn Sagitarius scorpio

vibrates to the number 2 and 8

                                                                                     Grounding - Liberation  Grounding.  Dissolves negativity, facilitates the contact with our unconcious, therefore excellent to bring to the light and pacify unconscious traumas and emotional blocks.  Energizing.  Against depression excellent for the nerves.  Gives courage, responsibility and helps to face life with self confidence.  Antistress.  to find ones true direction.  Increases the instinct of survival, willpower and the capacity of channelling, a good stone to give to those who have suicidal or destructive tendencies.  Re-equilibrates the aura.  Helps to remember and understand our dreams.  Considered by some a stone of protection.  Balances the sexual energy and the fertility.  Heals on the physical, mental and etheric levels.

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