Sodalite     royal blue mottled with white veins or patches                         Sodium Aluminium Chlorine Silicate

chakras   5 - 6                     neutral neither yin nor yang

Sagitarius - Virgo

vibrates to the number 4

                                                                                                       Trust - Calm Equilibrates yin and yang energies.  Increases communication and creativeness.  To have more self confidence, coordination, emotional balance and fidelity, dissolves hypersensitivity, negativity, fears and senses of guilt.  Helps the logical thought, rationality and confers more optimism and a sense of direction. tranquilizes and harmonizes the nerves, balances the emotions.  Increases solidarity and truthfullness.  Energizes, excellent against depression and nervous exhaustion.  tends to open the third eye and re-equilibrate the yin-yang balance.  Heals in the physical, mental and etheric levels.

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