Turquoise       Blue - Greenish                                                                    Hydrous Copper Aluminium Phosphate

chakra    5        neutral neither yin nor yang

Jupiter Moon Saturn Venus - Aquarius Aries Gemini Libra Sagitarius Taurus

vibrates to the number 1

                                                                                 Inwardness- Creativity     Stone of protection, of the spirit, and of healing in general.  Increases spirituality and wisdom.  Balances the emotions and dissolves emotional blocks.  Invigorates and strengthens the whole body.  Fascilitates creative expression, peace, mental silence and communication.  Strengthens the aura, opens the chakra of the throat.  Purifies the astral body and balances the yin-yang energies.                                                  For the Aztecs, the symbol of our connection to the higher worlds.  Sacred stone in ancient Persia and Egypt, where it was used against cataract and other eye problems.  In various South American cultures was the symbol of the sun, the fire, of Quetzalcoatl and other Aztec gods and reputed to protect from evil.  In Tibet, used in their prayer wheels and for general healing, symbol of the sky, associated with the element water.  Amongst desert nomads believed to grant one's wishes.  In the Apache tradition represents the Breath of the Sky and the Presence of the Highest Spirit, it was also used by other Indian tribes in the Rain Dance.  Many sheiks used to wear a jewel with a turquoise set amongst three pearls on their turban hoping for the fulfillment of their wishes.  Strengthens the endocrine gland and favours the assimilation of enough iron in the system.  

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