Zoisite    Green to Dark Green                                                                      Hydroxal Carbonate of Calcium and Aluminium

chakra  2 - 4             neutral neither yin nor yang


vibrates to the number 4

                                                                                  Positiveness - Liberation  For love, balances the emotions and the sexuality.  Dissolves negativity, apathy and fears.  Helps us to have more self confidence and trust in the universe.  Gives integrity and optimism, strengthens the vital energy, the circulation, the nerves, the reproductive system, the testicles, and the masculine qualities in general.

Zoisite + Ruby   Green variety of Zoisite with Ruby

chakras  1 - 2 - 4 - 7    neutral

For all the signs but especially Scorpio

                                                                                                                 Love  Amixture of two powerful stones of healing.  Energizing and revitalizing.  Confers a solid foundation to our love, helping us to expand and fully reveal it.  It increases clairvoyance.  Used by healers in the east to facilitate their diagnosis and to communicate with the spirits.  Energizes and stabilizes the second chakra. 

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